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I’m always looking for ways to further my cooking or gain opportunities to try something new but considering I spend most of my year at sea a cookery class isn’t always the easiest thing to come by! That’s when I found Natalina’s Kitchen – an authentic Italian cookery school. Natalina offers cookery classes, a cookbook, wine, and food tours and now, online cookery classes! I’m in! Today I will be reviewing the “Italian comfort” class of the online cookery school.
It was a chilly Sunday morning in Northern Ireland and my family was coming round for lunch. A perfect day for home cooked 5 Star Italian food! The day before I logged into my course and made my shopping list from the ingredients section on each one of my dishes so I’m ready to go. When cooking for clients and even family I always make a time plan to keep myself in check, so I was pleasantly surprised to find there was one included at the start of the course.
Upon starting my cooking, I was impressed by how easy it was to follow each recipe, switch from one recipe to the other (or when you’ve completed a section you just press the “complete and continue” button which then gives you a percentage of the course completed). I also loved that 3 of 5 of the recipes (the more difficult recipes) came with a video tutorial that talked you through the recipe steps along with the written steps. Not only does it help you understand the process you are about to do but it gives the whole course a lovely personal touch.
The recipes themselves are thoughtfully put together and whether you are an experienced cook or new to home cooking they are straightforward and explained accurately so that you can take them in your stride. The menu for the Italian comfort class was a classic Caprese salad, potato gnocchi with Italian braised beef in red wine with wild mushrooms, roasted root vegetables and zabaglione with fruit. The Italian braised beef stole the show for me, it was so delicious and tender, it was impossible not to like. After braising the beef, sautéing the onions and vegetables and deglazing the pot with wine you just pop it in the oven for 2.5hrs and let it slowly bubble away – and your house will smell delicious!
Over the past few years I’ve attended several culinary schools and classes, one of the parts of attending these classes that I find most beneficial aside from the actual cooking is the snippets of information you gain from the instructor as you go, this is something I thought you would miss from an online course but Natalina’s kitchen has got this covered between their extensive additional course content and the included videos – which are great quality and definition. Wherever you are in the world Natalina has made sure you will get the whole package from your very own kitchen.
In case you haven’t already realized I thoroughly enjoyed my online class with Natalina’s kitchen and I will definitely be logging on again soon to continue my Italian cooking journey. If you are looking for some top quality authentic Italian recipes, easy to navigate website and lessons that are easy to follow then look no further because you’ve already found it!

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